Interesting Web Sites

Intereting web sites

This page provides links to interesting web sites relating to the work done by WhitakerAudio over the years. It's our hope they can serve as a starting point for your own projects. If you usually find the underside of a chassis more interesting than the top side, these links are probably are just what you were looking for. (No endorsements are implied.)

The following links may be useful for people restoring classic electronics equipment or building vacuum tube amplifiers. Most links are to parts suppliers and custom-work vendors. There are certainly other companies providing such products and services. This list is intended as a starting point.

Keep in mind that hyperlinks change over time, so apologies in advance if any of the links are out of date. If you find a link that doesn't work, let us know. We'll fix it. Also, any sites to add? Send us an email and we'll take care of it.

Company Name

Products/Services Offered

All About Circuits

An online community of electronics geeks who enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas.

Allied Electronics

Electronics components; extensive product line.

Antique Electronic Supply

Vacuum tubes and other electronics devices.

Apex Jr.

Wide selection of electronic components for tube (and other) projects.

Audio Reputation

This site is intended to help beginners, audio enthusiasts, and all those interested in audio electronics, and offer tips and guides, reviews and product comparisons.

Beginner Guitar HQ

Information for guitarists by guitarists, in particular the articles "Best Tube Amps for Electric Guitar" and "Best Guitar Pedals".

Bolt Depot

Great source for nuts, bolts, and fasteners.

CCTV Camera World

"How To Choose a Security Camera System" on the CCTV Camera World website. This page gives a good overview of security camera system options.

Control Automation

Control Automation is a community of control engineers, automation specialists, and experts in the broader industrial field.

Dayton Audio

Loudspeaker measurement system and other products.


Wide range of static control products for the workbench.


Electronics components.

Diode News

This web site provides the latest news and new product information not just about diodes, but also about engineering, electronics, software, computer, and other interesting technologies.


Do-it-yourself forum for audio topics.


All manner of things electronic (and otherwise).

EE Power

EE Power is a digital publication focused on the power electronics industry. The publication features technical articles, design tips, and application notes from the industry’s leading power electronics engineers and application experts.


Manufacturer of vacuum tubes.


Wide selection of safety labels and related products.


Printed wiring board manufacturer for short-run and production quantities.


Printing services; useful for making labels and decals.

Front Panel Express

Custom panel services


A comprehensive resource guide focused on power outages and how to deal with them.

Gerber Labs

Gerber Labs is a PCB manufacturer focusd on electrical engineering students, professionals, and hobbyists.

Happy DIY Home

This web site has an interesting article on home CCTV installation options and costs.

Hammond Manufacturing

Manufacturers of transformers and electrical enclosures.

Hayseed Hamfest

Supplier of custom electrolytic can capacitors.

Jameco Electronics

Electronics components; extensive product line, including a wide range of kits.

Jensen Transformers

Wide selection of audio transformers for tube and solid-state applications. The web site offers a very impressive list of available application notes and other background information.

Jiajia Audio

Supplier of components and finished tube products.


A great site for electronic project design and collaboration. Lots of interesting projects, from simple to advanced.

Metalphoto of Cincinnati

Producer of custom panels, overlays, and name plates.

MG Chemicals

Wide selection of cleaning products, protective coatings, and solder for electronics equipment.

Mouser Electronics

Electronics components.


Visit Musicians Byte for How-To Guides related to musical instruments.

Newark Electronnics

Electronics components; extensive product line.

P&A International

Australian-based manufacturing management specialist offering a variety of goods ranging from metal fabrication to transformers, heatsinks, and CNC machining.

Parts Connexion

Vacuum tubes and other electronics components.


Custom engineered connector and cable interconnect solutions.


Custom electyronic enclosures and sheet metal parts.

ROHM Semiconductor

Manufacturer of a wide range of linear and digital semiconductors and optical devices.


Self-adhesive caution and warning labels and stickers.


A website designed to help aspiring musicians. SubReel offeris equipment reviews, how-to guides, and loads of other musical information.


A very interesting web site about the dynamics and intricacies that go into selecting the best turntable. Recommended for anyone looking at expanding (or beginning) their collection of vinyl records.

The Tube Store

Full line of new and NOS vacuum tubes and related parts.

True Audio

Computer-based software for audio measurements and testing.

Tube Depot

Extensive selection of new and NOS vacuum tubes and related components.

Vintage Manuals

Printed instruction manuals for Heathkit and other vintage equipment.

Waytec Wire

Wide selection of electrical parts and accessories, including extensive inventory of wire and related supplies.