A view of the inside of an electrical box.

Classic Equipment Restoration

Over the years, WhitakerAudio has done dozens of restoration projects—from small to large (and very large). We would welcome the opportunity to help with your project. We specialize in 1960s and 70s broadcast audio equipment, vacuum tube amplifiers, and AM/FM receivers.

Let us know what you've got and we can discuss the details. Because of the wide variety of equipment needing restoration, the cost and time required can vary widely. The best approach is usually to charge on a parts + labor basis. The timeline is determined mainly by the availability of components. Refinishing of the front panel and/or chassis is also possible—from powder-coating to replacement of sheet metal.

Capabilities and typical project considerations are outlined below.

A room filled with lots of computers and shelves.
Test equipment to meet the need

A Well Equipped Shop

The first step in any restoration project is to have a well equipped shop stocked with the right test equipment and supplies. We also have a wide range of vendors that we can draw on for specific projects.

Documented performance
Documented performance

Comprehensive Testing and QC

Measurement of critical parameters against original equipment specifications is a major element of restoration work. Tests are done to identify problems at the beginning of the project, and for quality control (QC) at the end.

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Let's talk about your project

We're Here to Help

Feel free to contact WhitakerAudio if we can be of assistance in your restoration project. We would be happy to offer ideas and provide pointers to suppliers that may be useful in your work. Please use the Contact Us form on this site.

A black box with many wires on top of it
Looks are important in restoration

Custom Chassis Work

For some  restoration projects, the front panel or chassis must be replaced in order to make the finished product look right. We can produce replacement elements to match the original, or change the design to suit your needs.

A large electronic board with many different components.
The scope of work is a judgment call

From Simple to Complex

Some restorations projects are as simple as cleaning, testing, and documentation. Others require detailed work on the electronics, front panel, or chassis (or all three). The level of work is usually determined by the condition of the unit.

Two different types of electronic components are shown.
Reproduction PCB design service

Custom Circuit Boards

Replacement of one or more printed circuit boards (PCBs) may be the only way to bring a piece of equipment back into service. The replacement PCB can be a functional match to the original, or a new design based on current technology.

A book with pages open and the inside of it.
Schematics, procedures, and more

Manuals and Related Documentation

Detailed documentation is vital to efficient maintenance. For a major project, documentation can consume half the resources. Let us know if we can help with your project, including equipment manuals and checklists.

A radio station with two microphones and one mixer.
Turnkey project management

On-Site Installation and Support

WhitakerAudio would be pleased to discuss your installation/rebuild projects. We can provide on-site work as required, for small or large jobs. A Key element of this work is documenting the facility, from input to output.

A wall of blue bins filled with different types of items.
The right part for the job

Extensive Parts Inventory

Finding replacement parts for vintage equipment can be a challenge. We can help with a deep inventory of hard-to-find components for classic radio gear.