Interesting Web Sites and Resources

This page provides links to interesting web sites relating to the work done by WhitakerAudio over the years. It’s our hope these sites can serve as a starting point for your own projects. If you usually find the underside of a chassis more interesting than the top side, these links are probably are just what you were looking for.

The following links may be useful for people restoring classic electronics equipment or building vacuum tube amplifiers. Most links are to parts suppliers and custom-work vendors. There are certainly other companies providing such products and services. This list is intended as a starting point. No endorsements are implied.

Allied Electronics Electronics components; extensive product line
Antique Electronic Supply Vacuum tubes and other electronics devices
Apex Jr. Wide selection of electronic components for tube (and other) projects
Bolt Depot Great source for nuts, bolts, and fasteners
Cable Solutions Wide range of electronics components, notably Jensen transformers
Cable Organizer Everything you can think of for cable management
Custom Rub-on Transfers Graphics, logos, lettering, numerals, input markings, and more
DigiKey Electronics components; extensive product line
Desco Industries Workbench items, including electrostatic protection products
eBay The primary source for all things electronic (and otherwise)
Electronic Surplus Wide selection of hard-to-find electronics components
Emedco Wide selection of equipment safety labels and related products
ExpressPCB Printed circuit board manufacturer for short-run and production quantities
FastSigns Printing services; useful for making labels and decals
Front Panel Express Custom panel and chassis services
Hammond Manufacturing Manufacturers of transformers and electrical enclosures
Hayseed Hamfest Supplier of custom electrolytic can capacitors and other devices
Jameco Supplier of electronics components and hobbyist kits
Jensen Transformers Manufacturers of audio transformers and related devices
Metalphoto of Cincinnati Manufacturers of custom panels, overlays, and name plates
MG Chemicals Wide selection of cleaning products, protective coatings, and solder
Mouser Electronics Electronics parts supplier
Newark Electronics Electronics components supplier; extensive product line
NTE Electronics Manufacturer of replacement semiconductor devices
Parts Connexion Vacuum tubes and other electronics components
Parts Express Wide selection of components, focusing on audio products
Protocase Custom electronic enclosures and sheet metal parts
Redco Audio Supplier of audio components and cable
Safety Signs Wide selection of safety labels and related products
The Tube Store Full line of new and NOS vacuum tubes and related parts
Tube Depot Extensive line of new and NOS vacuum tubes and related parts
Vintage Manuals Printed instruction manuals for Heathkit and other vintage equipment

Please keep in mind that hyperlinks change over time, so apologies in advance if any of the above links are out of date. If you find a link that doesn’t work, let us know. We’ll fix it. Also, any sites to add? Send us a note and we’ll take care of it (please use the Contact Us form).